Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Updates on the Post-Grad Options

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about some of the different options I'm pursuing for post-graduation life.  After a few changes in status, I figured I'd write a little update.  Although I would be so incredibly excited to receive official offers from any of my current options, choosing just one is going to be really tough!

Eight months after I began my application, I received a nomination for Peace Corps service departing in June 2013.  Translation: after learning all about my life, health, and aspirations, my recruiter still likes me enough to recommend that I receive an official offer.  Now I'm knee deep in legal and medical documents (I thought I had already told them everything there was to know....) and will eventually speak to a placement officer and *hopefully* be awarded a two-year volunteer job abroad.  

As for my hopeless longing to return to Spain, today I interviewed (via skype) to be a classroom language and culture assistant in Spanish Catholic schools.  The interview was only about ten minutes, which seems to be the norm, and went really smoothly.  My interviewer talked to me about my experience with kids and about the position specifics- how many hours were available, locations, pay, etc.  I'll be receiving the magic email with a "YES" or "No...." on March 16.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  

But what about jobs in the good ole US of A?  Keeping in mind my insatiable wanderlust, I only applied to my two dream companies, which are quite a reach.  Even though I feel like I have a competitive résumé, with no connections to either organization I was afraid I would receive the standard form rejection.  But oh, contraire!  I'm being "further considered" for the position I applied for, and will need to turn in writing samples later this week to see if I make it to the next round.  Yippee!    

My mind has turned into a constant battleground in support/challenge of the options available at this point.  If only the decision were easy....

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