Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh, Tuscany- Part Three.

When exploring a larger region (like Chianti) you can either pick up and move each night as you go along, or you can pick a "home base" and go from there, which is what we chose to do.  Greve is a little town nestled in the Chianti wine region.  Although I'm sure things change during wine season, it was overall very quiet during our time there.  The town square has a few rows of cute shops and an incredible restaurant, but don't expect to find anything open later than 8 or so at night.  

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One of the neatest places in Greve was a wine cellar with an interesting concept.  You load money onto a card, and then use that card to pay for a DIY tasting tour of over one hundred wines.  You can also purchase champagne samples and even small plates of food! As if that wasn't enough, local olive oil tastings (with fresh Italian bread) are unlimited and free.  The cost per taste for wine and champagne ranges from €.30 to €4, depending on the quality.  Believe me though, the €15 card will be plenty.

  The best part of Greve? I got mistaken for an Italian.  Score!  

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