Thursday, January 10, 2013

T-120 Days and Counting

Graduation.  It's in 120 days and for as much as I've prepared through internships, tough classes, and extra-curricular experience, I feel nowhere near ready.  Knowing that I'm definitely not the only one a little nervous about the looming May date is a little comforting, but it's still rough.

Although I definitely have my Type B tendencies, my long term career/life plans had always been very, very Type A.  First I would do X, which would lead me to Y, and then I would end up at Z.  Very simple.  Very scripted. Very... boring.  

As I'm finally approaching graduation, the kick-starter that you simply can't stop, I feel like I'm nearing a fork in the road with about a million different options.  For the first time in quite a few years, I'm honestly not sure which way I'm going to choose come May 11... 

I could start a Marketing career here, somewhere in the United States.  There are definitely companies I would love to work for and if an offer came from one of them, I don't think I could turn it down.  But then there's my nagging and constant travel bug....

I could go back to Spain.  It's no secret that I fell in love with the country during my time abroad in Málaga.  I've applied to two programs that would allow me to return to my beloved España to work as a classroom assistant.  Though I've never had any official teaching experience, I love working with people, presentations are my favorite part of marketing, and making a difference is an incredibly important, though cliché, aspect to my potential job search.  

Or, I could do something really crazy.  Something that pushes me more than I've ever been pushed before.  Something challenging yet inspiring and rewarding.  Something like the Peace Corps.  I realized that the Peace Corps just might be the next place for me, and began the application process nearly seven months ago.  After many, many steps, my application is under the final stages of review.  If accepted, I would be offered a spot as a Peace Corps Volunteer specializing in Business.  Travel?  check.  Business? check.  Philanthropic?  check.  Super, super challenging?  check.  

Three doors, at this point.  Now to figure out which one to open...

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