Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I could barely contain my excitement as I flew through page after page of extended job applications and submitted carefully formatted résumés and cover letters I spent much too long on.  I was mentally prepared for a long process, as I had heard time and time again how long it can take to get your first real job, and I was ready for it... I thought.  

The problem with my job search though, was that I have incredibly high expectations.  {See this post for more on that} I know that I likely won't start out in a dream job per say, but I refuse to spend over forty hours a week working for a company or organization I'm not passionate about.  Needless to say, this has narrowed the potential employers by quite a bit and I honestly do not have any "safe" applications out there.  I want need my work to matter, and even if I hate jumping through hoop after hoop and waiting for applications to process and positions to be awarded, here I am, jumping and waiting. 

It's now been nearly nine months since I began my first application, which is still processing by the way.  However, every time I try to tell myself that nine months really isn't that long to wait, I remember that at this point a baby could have been born.  That's a long time, folks.  

From what I understand, I could receive the big news anytime from now until June.  Though I'm pretty sure knowing what day I'm counting down to would help a little bit, this excitement for the unknown has really kept me going throughout the past few weeks.  I'm constantly scanning my email, checking online forums, and even calling my dad to check on the mail at home.  I'm enjoying my last semester at school so much, but boy will I be happy to start planning my future.  
Excited employee-to-be, right here.  Feel free to hire me at any point now.  

I know I'm not the only one whose gone through a tough waiting game.  What exciting things have you been waiting for?

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