Monday, February 18, 2013

A Capital Summer: Eastern Market

One of the things I miss most about Europe is the popularity of open air markets throughout the year.  I think it's so neat that you can find such a range of food and products in one location, and in many cases even strike up a conversation with the producer.  
It's no surprise then, that I quickly fell in love with Washington D.C.'s Eastern Market.  Open throughout the week, but at its best during the weekend, you can find food, craft, and vintage vendors in both a sprawling indoor space and overflowing into several pedestrian only streets.  

The bountiful opportunities for brunch, or just endless snacking and sampling, and the creative vintage booths had me coming back for more nearly every weekend.  Whether you're looking for unique artisan goods, flavorful fresh produce, or a fun place to grab a meal on the go, you'll love Eastern Market.  

My prize- a vintage map of Spain and Portugal that I purchased for only $10

If you'd rather have a sit-down meal, the surrounding area is packed with great restaurants for a classic D.C. brunch. 

Another great aspect?  Getting there is a breeze.  Simply take the metro to the Eastern Market stop on the blue or orange line, or take advantage of cheap (or free!) parallel parking in the surrounding neighborhoods.  

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