Friday, November 16, 2012



When I visited my friend Sara, who was studying abroad just outside of London, she insisted on a trip to Windsor to see the castle.  Since I only had two days in England, I was hesitant to spend nearly a whole day on the trip to the castle, but I couldn't have been happier with our decision.  

The day started out with a traditional English breakfast: scrambled eggs, fried ham and a thick sausage, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, and fried toast.  As a lover of breakfast foods and of baked beans and tomatoes, I was in food heaven.  Of course, as I chowed down on my manly sized portion, Sara delicately munched on a croissant and a cappuccino... I almost ordered seconds.  

Ever since I began planning my trip to England, I knew I needed a photo with the traditional English guards.  However, somehow I missed out on two key pieces of information.
1. When it begins to get even a little cold out, the guards cover up their classic 
red jackets with long gray coats.  No red-coated guards for me...
2. The guards are downright terrifying.  You try marching right up to a machine-gun-bearing, 
6 foot something, likely war experienced soldier and smiling for a photo. 

Although I wasn't permitted to take photos, you can actually tour a large part of the castle and accompanying church and grounds.  From the displays of knights' armor to the delicate china and elaborately furnished sitting rooms, this place is castle through and through. 

For €10 (and a free pass for the rest of the year), Windsor is definitely a must-see for London travelers.  
Any other castle recommendations?  What places are your favorites?


  1. Im actually going to England in June! Thanks for ur post, ill definitely check this castel out :)

    1. England is gorgeous! And I'm sure June will be slightly more pleasant than my rainy winter trip... Have a great time!