Thursday, November 14, 2013

Panama in November

I love the feeling a full calendar gives me, and thanks to a month full of Panamanian holidays, I already love November.  We started out the month with the Panamanian equivalent of Decoration Day, in which everyone cleans and decorates the gravesites of loved ones.  The next day, November 3, is to celebrate Independence from Columbia, and even if it falls on a weekend like it did this year, all of the kids celebrate at school. 

Though we didn’t have parades or huge block parties like some larger towns, we celebrated Independence Day with a Ceremony at the school followed by some awesome chicken and rice.  Since it was free and they put me at the front of the line (this is a big deal when you know there isn’t enough chicken to go around), I jumped in to do the dishes.  Over 70 plates, forks, cups, and two very pruney hands later, I think it’s safe to say I made a pretty good impression.  What I’ll do for free food…

There are some more patriotic holidays in November, as well as Mother’s day in early December, which is a huge deal down here.  Also on my agenda: A community wide meeting with my boss from Panama City, a trip to the mountains for a Thanksgiving getaway, and preparations for my dad’s trip in December!     

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