Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Campo Cooking

I’ve always loved playing around in the kitchen, especially if the end product was something sweet.  Considering the lack of modern appliances and electricity, I figured my days of whipping up a nice meal of unprocessed foods were to be on a long-term hiatus during my two years in Panama.  Thankfully, I’ve proved myself wrong and have found cooking to be one of the best and most relaxing ways to start and wind down my days. 

I still don’t have an oven, refrigerator, blender, toaster, etc., but I’m starting to learn what works and what doesn’t, and putting my own spin on recipes has been a nice little game so far.  I figured I would share a few of my successful meals on Abby Explores, and you can rest assured that they’ll be pretty cheap (once you have spices and basic staples), and won’t require any crazy cooking technique.  Enjoy!

Here in Bocas you can buy oatmeal in small plastic bags or in a large plastic jars with a bright blue lid.  Though the smaller size is a slightly better buy, I’m in need of a bunch of those plastic jars to store other types of food.  I can thank a rat currently in residence (but not for long, rest assured) for that.  So, at the current moment I’m eating a lot of oatmeal.  To make things interesting, I’m seeing how many days I can cook oatmeal a different way for breakfast.  So far I’m only on day two, and here are the first two delicious oatmeal variations.   

Apple Crisp Oatmeal

Plain uncooked oatmeal
Half an apple, cut into small chunks

A little more uncooked oatmeal
Sliced Almonds
*This would probably be great with a little butter thrown in too!

First make your crispy topping by mixing a sprinkling of oatmeal, flour, and almonds with honey and toasting it in a saucepan over low heat.  When the mixture resembles a nice crumble, set aside and try not to eat it before the oatmeal gets done. 

Next, cook your oatmeal with the apple and as much sugar and spice as you like.  Once it’s to your liking, top with the crumbles and any leftover apple chunks. 

Mocha Oatmeal

Plain uncooked oatmeal
Chocolate chips

Cook your oatmeal in the coffee, and when it’s almost done add a splash of milk, a tad bit of cocoa, and a sprinkling of sugar (more or less depending on how sweet and chocolately you like it).  Garnish with chocolate chips and serve with coffee, obviously. 

Feel free to comment with any oatmeal suggestions!  Next up are double chocolate, s’mores, banana nut, pb&j, and almond joy- gotta use up all that fresh cocoa somewhere J

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