Friday, November 1, 2013

Birthdays in Panama

This past week there were three birthdays in my little village, and considering how much as I love birthdays, it was great.  It seems like the biggest parties are for children under the age of 3, but the local poverty level means that there generally isn't a ton of money left over for birthday celebrations for people of any age.  But, I decided that there's no better excuse for bakin' some cake than a birthday, so this turned out to be quite the tasty week.  

Birthday #1: Virginia turns 34

my mom included sprinkles in my latest care package!

Virginia and her sister-in-law, Veronica, are two of my closest friends in site.  They frequently visit to paint nails or make goodies, and they even told their kids to call me tia, aunt!  They really won me over, though, when they told me I can use their oven any time I want.  Now that is the sign of a true friend.  

Birthday #2: Adelaida turns 11

Adelaida is my host dad's granddaughter, and she's been quite my little helper.  If I take longer than a few seconds to do a task, anything from starting a fire to machete-chopping my yard to washing my hair in the creek, Adelaida will be right there, ready to jump in and help.  She was so excited to have this birthday celebration that she wanted to wear her favorite dress for a photo and has been talking about it ever since! 

Birthday #3: Misael turns 1

While it doesn't seem like birthdays get much recognition in general, very young children are the exception.  It seems a little odd to put so much effort into a party that the guest of honor won't even remember, but it was fun nonetheless.  And an extra dose of Panamanian fun?  Adding flour to the inside of a Piñata.  

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