Thursday, September 13, 2012


I started blogging in 2009 over at The Closet Files, where I wrote about daily style and my life as a young college student.  Although I still like to have fun with fashion, lots of things have changed for me, and I was no longer passionate about writing for The Closet Files.  After taking a few months of blogger vacation, I realized that I missed having a writing outlet to explore the things I'm interested in, which is why I created Abby Explores.  

Nearly a year ago, I began a study abroad program in Málaga, Spain.  In addition to shifting the way in which I view life, my experience in Spain gave me a full-scale case of the travel bug.  Anyone who has been a young (a.k.a. poor) college student like me would understand that this isn't exactly the most convenient stage in life to constantly be in wanderlust.  

In this blog, I'll be writing about travel, life, and a few fun things as well.  Whether you like food, crafting, travel, or something in between, there will hopefully be something for you.  Feel free to email or comment- I love hearing from you!

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