Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Mystery Trip from Last Weekend

Weekend trips are one of my favorite ways to travel- the brevity ensures that you (probably) won't spend too much money, you don't need to take off time from work or school, and they're a fun break from the usual downtime of a weekend.  

This past weekend, a few of my friends and I went on my school's annual Mystery Trip.  The really interesting thing about mystery trips is that you actually have no idea where you'll be going.  The only prior knowledge we had of our destination was a short weather report.  

In general, I'm very plan/control oriented; my planner never leaves my side.  For some reason though, I'm a complete type B person when it comes to travel.  Even though I like to have a general idea of what to see and how to get it all in, I prefer to take the days as they come and really try to soak up the place I'm visiting.  

Although it was a little tough to have absolutely no clue where I was going to be spending my weekend, my friends and I had a great time visiting our mystery destination- Baltimore, Maryland.  

Some Baltimore Travel Tips:
Seafood here is fresh and plentiful; make sure you try some local crabcakes.
The National Aquarium is a little pricey ($30 for one adult) but is a pretty interesting and entertaining way to spend a few hours if you're in the Inner Harbor Area.
If you're a boating fan, the Inner Harbor area has paddleboating, river cruises, a water taxi, and even a pirate ship!
Although most of the restaurants around the harbor are typical chains, most do offer patio seating and a great sunset view.  
When it comes to safety, I felt like Baltimore was a complete toss-up: One minute you would be in the nicest historical neighborhood, but a two minute walk the wrong way can completely change the atmosphere.  

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  1. The Baltimore Aquarium has a fall deal I think it's called Fall Fridays or something like that, but after 5 on Friday afternoons admission is only $12 and you can get in most of the aquarium after 5!