Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chevron Canvas DIY

Instead of letting your Pinterest boards lay dormant, make them your crafting and cooking to-do list!  Today's project was a canvas painting I made over my summer break.  

What You'll Need
a painter's canvas- you can choose the size
your choice of paints
spray paint in your base color (i used white)
a paintbrush
painters tape


1. cover your canvas in color and then let it dry completely

2. once your canvas has dried, use strips of painter's tape to make the patten below

3. after you cover the entire canvas with painter's tape (leaving a few centimeters between the strips,) peel off between 10 and 20 strips scattered around the canvas
do as i say, not as i show

4.  use your spray paint to cover the entire canvas
you may need to use two coats to get a complete cover

 5.  after the spray paint has dried completely, pull off all remaining strips of painter's tape and hang your new masterpiece 

What are your favorite Pinterest projects? I'd love to know!  

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