Thursday, May 16, 2013

As One Chapter Closes


Well, it's official.  As of this past Saturday, I am a graduate and new alumna of Saint Vincent College!  Four years ago, as I took a chance and put my deposit down on a school none of my friends had heard of, I never would have guessed the immense impact that my professors and fellow classmates at SVC would have on my life.  

In these past four years I have become a better student, leader, and friend.  I have honed my marketing and business skills and realized what truly matters to me as I move on with my life, and I owe most of this to my alma mater (it feels so weird to say that!) 

To all those who have supported me throughout these past four years- Thank You! I look forward to putting my new skills and abilities to use in the next chapter of my life and will forever be grateful for my time at Saint Vincent College.  

Dean Kaylor- a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RCPV) to Afghanistan! 

Signing the Career Center's Wall of Fame with my new job


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  1. congrats! i graduate in a month.... cant wait hahah :)