Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My First Hiking Adventure

Hike Abby and Andrea

A few days ago I recruited my lovely outdoorsy friend, Andrea, to give me a crash course on hiking.  Though I've always liked the idea of hiking, camping, etc., it's never really happened for me.  Since I'm sure I'll be encountering quite a bit of outdoor activities in Panama, our neighboring Great Smoky Mountains seemed like the perfect place to get my toes wet (literally and figuratively).  

Thanks to a few too many blisters, I ended up hiking a large portion of the day barefoot, and thanks to some misleading signs we ended up hiking several miles more than intended.  Despite the hardships, and an ugly snake by the waterfall, it was an awesome day.  

Now to buy some good hiking boots...

Hike Waterfall
Hike Andrea2
Hike Bridge
Hike Field
Hike Grass
Hike Stones
Hike Andrea

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  1. way to go Abby! I love the Smoky Mountains. I'm backpacking there next weekend. I have a pair of Vasque boots that I really like, but there are plenty of other good brands out there.