Hi there!
I'm Abby, a twenty-four year old Tennessee native that loves to travel, 
geeks out about business stuff, and is pretty much obsessed with my little jungle-dog.

I always thought that my life would follow a very particular timeline: school, college, job, family, and so on.  Getting my first taste of travel changed that, and the coupling of my insatiable wanderlust and a passion for non-profit work led me to become something my friends and family never expected- a Peace Corps volunteer.  

Two years later, I had´t yet had my fill of Peace Corps Panam√°, so I extended my service for a third year and moved across the country where I now work as the Regional Leader of the Darien province.  Through my job I often find myself traveling across the region to visit volunteers, scouting for and developing relationships with potential communities for future volunteers, and liasing with development agencies, NGOs, and the national Peace Corps office.  

I hope you enjoy reading along as I blog about life and wanderlust while I begin to make my way in the world.  I'll be posting about travel, DIYs, and life in general.  Oh, and I may post about food and how cute my dogs are, because who doesn't love those things?  

Want to get in touch?  I'd love to hear from you!     AbbyExplores@gmail.com 


  1. Hi Abby!

    Hope your post-grad life plans are going well. Thinking of coming back to Spain?

    1. I would love to, though I'm still weighing the potential options at this point. If you have any recommendations for jobs in Spain (which seem to be a tad hard to come by...) please let me know!

  2. I'm Joanna, RPCV Uganda '10-'13, and I will be traveling to Panama and Costa Rica with fellow RPCV's in January and I am looking for advice/tips on what to see where to go, etc. We will only have about a week in Panama thank to our jobs! Any suggestions are appreciated!! Thanks

    1. Hey Joanna! Panama is beautifully diverse, so it completely depends on what you're interested in. Here are some of my tops though...
      Panama City- Spend some time wandering the streets of Casco Viejo or rent bikes and do the Amador Causeway. You can also catch busses to just about anywhere in the entire country via the Terminal at Albrook, which is also a gigantic mall.
      Boquete- This beautiful town is known for its gourmet coffee and English speaking expats. There are tons of great restaurants, beautiful scenery, and access to outdoor activities. If you like coffee at all, I'd highly recommend a coffee tour. We did one at Kotowa and really enjoyed it.
      Cerro Punta- Similar to Boquete except much less developed. If you'd rather skip the typical touristy stuff and focus on hiking, birdwatching, hot springs, etc., do Cerro Punta instead of Boquete. There's a good hostel or two, but the owner at Los Quetzales Eco Lodge is super Peace Corps friendly and has a great place.
      Bocas- This is my end of the woods! Most famous for Isla Colon and the surrounding islands which are accessible only by boat or plane, the province produces tons of cacao and bananas. The Island is very, very touristy, but that also means they have an awesome variety of restaurants, activities, lodging, beaches, etc. I'd recommend doing a snorkle tour, and if you really want to see the local life, visit Oreba for a day tour or shoot me an email (abbyexplores@gmail.com). My community would one day like to run a small eco-tourism operation and loves having visitors!

  3. Hi Abby,

    Hope this message finds you well. I am writing my essays and wondered how transparent one can be i.e. having lived with depression for instance? Your response is appreciated. You can email me at holazmonica@yahoo.com. -- Thank you! Monica And best on your adventure...