Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Knoxville: It Just Keeps Getting Better

To be fair, I haven’t lived in Knoxville for more than a month here and there since I moved to college in 2009, but each time I come back, I can’t help but be surprised at how awesome my hometown city is.  Every time I come home I’m taken aback by a delicious new restaurant, a cool yet budget friendly boutique, or a fun festival- Biscuit Festival, that was most definitely directed at you.  

 The only thing that makes coming home to Knoxville even better is getting to see it through new eyes with out-of-town friends.   In similar fashion to the Great Smoky Mountains, I made sure to hit downtown Knoxville with both Sadie and Natalie, because the repetition sure didn’t bother me.


  1. Good times :) I'll be back again one day! Thanks for having me, and tell your dad he makes one heck of a steak.

    PS: I snuck TYGA into my family's potatoes yesterday ;)

  2. Abby,
    Now that I've figured out the trick (disabling a bunch of my security stuff) to commenting, it sure is great to hear how much you enjoy Knoxville. You always have a home here.
    I love you.

  3. To Sadie...
    Thank you and I'll cook you steaks anytime.
    Abby's Dad