Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pros and Cons of Living in the Jungle

Pro: So many neat plants and creatures- sloths, little colored frogs, tropical flowers- the list goes on!
Con: They're not all cute and fluffy.  There are scorpions in my laundry pile, lizards on my kitchen table, rats that attack my food stashes, and snakes on the paths.  And those adorable sloths? Apparently they can give you leishmaniasis, so you probably shouldn't touch them either…

Pro: The abundance of water means that there are tons of creeks and waterfalls to explore.
Con: They're also dirty and you might get amebas from them.

Pro: You'll laugh yourself half to death over hilarious dinner conversations about who pooped their pants in the most embarrassing way.
Con: Chances are that after a few months in the jungle you too will have a story to tell.

Con: IF you're lucky enough to have running water, it will go out frequently (and also isn't safe to drink).
Pro: This is what your backup bathing situation will look like.

Con: Just go ahead and store all of your stylish clothes and good makeup.  No uses for them here.
Pro: When else can you literally wear nothing but comfy clothes, sunscreen, and a smile and not feel the least bit guilty?

Pro: Your neighbors grow some cool foods- like bananas and cocoa.
Con: Those things are hard work, man!  You'll have muscles of steel after harvesting bananas and cocoa pods (though maybe that's a pro?)

Pro: Fresh cocoa all the time.
Con: There really is no con to this one.

Con: Do you like dairy products?  Ice cream?  Cold cokes?  Anything at all that needs to be refrigerated?  Go ahead and get used to life without them.
Pro: You'll learn to cook in the campo like a pro.  Do you know how to make brownies and breakfast pizza out of only a few basic ingredients and a fire?  I do.

Pro:  You get to go to sleep to the sounds of softly singing frogs and a babbling creek.
Con: You will wake up to the sounds of loudly crowing roosters and lots of babbling babies.

Con: Between mud, random creatures, kids, and your own filth (don't judge until you've been there),
your house will get really messy.
Pro: Throw some water and clorox on the floor and sweep stuff through the cracks.  Cleaning has never been so easy.

Con: No internet, electricity, or reliable phone signal.
Pro: All the more time to nap with.

Pro: Forget about the cold, it's summer year-round in the jungle!
Con: It may feel like some weird, inception-type situation.  The months change but the weather literally never does.  Ever.

Con: As much as you love your new place, you're going to miss home a lot.
Pro: Your neighbors will do their best to make you feel at home in the jungle, so you might as well make the most of your time here!

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