Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone is enjoying a well deserved break from work or school and is having a great time relaxing and celebrating with their loved ones today.  

Although I am incredibly thankful to be home in Tennessee with my family today, I've also been spending some time reflecting on the adventures that I've taken in the past year and a half.  Maybe I'm a little biased due to my lack of experience with other seasons, but the weeks surrounding Christmas is really my favorite time to travel.  Between the lights and the Christmas markets to all of the locals brimming with excitement, those few weeks are packed quite a bit to experience.

Below are some of my favorite scenes from Christmas around the world.  Enjoy!

Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City

Spanish Steps (in the background) in Rome, Italy

Fendi Store in Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Milan, Italy

Greve (Chianti), Italy

Galway, Ireland

Calle Larios in Málaga, Spain

Nativity Scene in Málaga, Spain

Street Lights in Seville, Spain

Christmas Tree at Disneyland Paris and Nativity Scene in the Notre Dame

PPG Square in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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