Saturday, November 8, 2014

Panama's Patriotic Days

November is a month full of holidays in November, six to be exact.  And when you have six holidays in one month- plus any other unofficial festival that might be going on- well, the country seems to just be on one long break.  

On the agenda of things to celebrate are:

November 2   - Day of the Dead
November 3   - Independence from Colombia
November 4   - Flag Day
November 5   - Columbus Day (And seeing as though he named many cities in Panama...)
November 10 - The Uprising of Los Santos against Spain (Literally translated as "The first scream of                           the saints)
November 28 - Independence from Spain

Needless to say, there are plenty of celebrations throughout the country and though I was sad to miss my town's festivities, it was really neat to be in the national capital for these patriotic days.  

Flag Day, November 5, was the big party day, and I was excited to have another Bocas volunteer around to celebrate with!  Zoe and I meandered along the Cinta Costera, munched on delicious street food, and took tons of photos of stylishly clad marching bands and kids in typical Panamanian dress. Having spent my entire first year in an indigenous site, I thought it was really neat to see the more Latino side of Panamanian Culture.  

And can you believe those stilettos the band girls march in?!  

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