Saturday, July 26, 2014

A New Friend

While browsing one of the many artisan booths and the local fair last week I came across an adorably precious handmade doll.  The soft doll was wearing a traditional Ngäbe nakwa, was carrying a miniature chakara, had carefully handbeaded jewelry, and was even sporting a head full of hair made of a hand-dyed local plant fiber called pita.  So much work went into this beautiful little creation that I was all too willing to shell out the requested $10 to make her mine. 

Over a friendly chat with the artisans, I learned that they’re from a local town about an hour and a half from mine and would love to have me visit and help on the business side of things.  They said everything I wanted to hear, and when I returned to pick up the doll, we posed for a selfie before they told me to check the doll’s bag.  Inside the bag, carefully folded, was a hand drawn Panamanian “registration” so that the doll could board the plane to travel internationally and live with me in the United States. 

Basically, these ladies and I are gonna be BFFs. 

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